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Free gender pay-gap analysis. Close the gap.

Get started with pay gap analysis in minutes. It pays to be transparent over pay.

  • Calculate your company's overall pay gap
  • Identify structural gender bias in your salary scale with quartile reporting
  • Download report to share with your leadership team
No specialist knowledge or Excel formulas to set up.
Use your existing data with simple, secure upload.
Reuse your data structure for faster compliance reporting (ARP).

How it works

  1. Create your free company account
  2. Download the import template (.xls or .csv)
  3. Add your payroll data to the file & upload
  4. Click & view the finished analysis
  5. Discuss your results

Simple, powerful context with benchmarking.

Compare your results to our community of users overall. We use the power of crowdsourced data by anonymising and aggregating your results alongside the rest of our community.

This provides you with clear performance benchmarks using the latest data from out in the field, while contributing to wider insights on how pay equity is operating in the wider market.

Almost 60% of employees indicate they won’t apply to work at a company where a pay gap exists - this increases to 72% for women.

Glassdoor (2019)

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✓ Easy import with Excel
Fast data import. Organise and upload your report data with our ready-made Excel template..
✓ Performance benchmarking
You control your data. Use your existing data with simple, secure upload.
✓ Pay gap by quartiles
Your entire salary range is calculated as quartiles to show gender (im)balance across your entire salary scale.
✓ Overall pay gap
#KnowYourNumber. Compare the overall average earnings for your male employees male versus your female employees. 
✓ Share export
Export your results to share and discuss with your key stakeholders.
✓ Update modify your report
Get the most up to data results. Update your analysis by adding new data or modifying existing records 

Getting started with gender pay gap analysis shouldn’t be difficult.


Pay equity is a critical foundation to your company’s overall diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) success. Pay gap analysis is a clear, concrete step companies can use as a first step.


You can’t rely on guesswork to know if you have a pay gap in your organisation. But many companies struggle to get started with pay gap analysis because they feel they lack the knowledge or resources.


With Equality Check, simply feed in your data and the tool gives you instant, concrete numbers, together with a summary of your results, to share and discuss.